Disciplined, transactional underwriting Selective, structured acquisitions Secured, collateralized investments Attractive, risk adjusted returns Active portfolio management Selective, structured acquisitions Disciplined transactional underwriting Active portfolio management Attractive risk adjusted returns Secured, collateralized investments
Residential Mortgage Debt

Pontus Residential Mortgage Advisors acquires, manages, and sells performing and sub-performing residential whole loan mortgages.  We have cultivated exclusive, direct relationships with national lenders who rely on Pontus to provide immediate balance sheet relief and eliminate the costs associated with note servicing and real estate ownership.

With over 12 years of experience acquiring and divesting residential investments, we can quickly conduct a detailed analysis and present a purchase offer on virtually any portfolio to close without contingencies.  Our nationwide platform and property management infrastructure enables us to monetize acquired assets more quickly and with less cost, ultimately enhancing the return for our investors.

Acquisition Profile