Disciplined, transactional underwriting Selective, structured acquisitions Secured, collateralized investments Attractive, risk adjusted returns Active portfolio management Selective, structured acquisitions Disciplined transactional underwriting Active portfolio management Attractive risk adjusted returns Secured, collateralized investments
Commercial Net Lease

Pontus Net Lease Advisors acquires, manages and sells freestanding commercial and industrial properties that generate rental revenue under long-term, net lease agreements.  Pontus distributes monthly dividends from the cash flow accumulated by its portfolio of retail properties that are leased to regional and national retail chains.

Pontus Net Lease Advisors is a fully integrated, self-administered real estate company with in-house acquisition, research, portfolio management, leasing and capital markets expertise.  Over the life of an investment, we seek to increase distributions to investors through both contractual increases in rent and active portfolio management.  Our portfolio management focus includes active asset management of our portfolio, including re-leasing initiatives of vacant properties and opportunistic property sales.

Acquisition Profile